Heinrich Dinkelacker does not just offer luxurious, sewn-welted shoes. As the oldest shoe brand in Germany with a comprehensive range, we also guarantee our business partners complete planning security, in-depth exchange of knowledge, a high degree of product availability as well as appealing sales modules that are as customizable as our masterful, handcrafted footwear.


Reliable sales partner with appealing modules

Awarded ‘Brand of the Century’

Broad selection independent of seasons

Absolute planning security and price stability

High level of product availability with a large proportion of NOS

Excellent service and automated processes

In-depth exchange of knowledge and extensive POS advertising material

Outstanding digital expertise

Do you share our passion for sophisticated, handcrafted men’s shoes, and are you interested in long-term collaboration? Get in touch with us now — together, we will shape the retail of the future!


From the cut of the leather through to the finishing touches, over 300 steps of masterful craftsmanship go into the production of our shoes.


Today, as in the past, Heinrich Dinkelacker represents shoes made in the finest Budapest style. Immerse yourself in our company's history with its rich tradition.


Sophisticated materials, masterful shoemaking craftsmanship and perfect last forms are just a few of the quality features that our collection boasts.