Heinrich Dinkelacker is one of Germany’s oldest and most exclusive men’s shoe brands. The Dinkelacker name has been synonymous with tradition, extraordinary craftsmanship and stunning footwear for over 140 years.

Forgoing assembly lines and pressures to churn out large quantities quickly, we produce only around 25 pairs of shoes each day, in keeping with the spirit of ‘slow fashion’. This pace is hardly surprising, given that it takes around 300 work steps to create each pair in our collection. Moreover, as has always been the tradition, most of these work steps are carried out by hand. We also pay close attention to selecting the materials to make our shoes; after all, a premium shoe is made from premium components. These careful choices pay off: Shoe lovers prize the exclusive quality and extraordinary wearing comfort of our footwear.

Founded in 1879, over the years, this premium luxury brand has become synonymous with charming Budapesters featuring an unmistakeable braided welt. The Dinkelacker name continues to be strongly associated with this type of shoe to this day.

We emphasize quality above all else, down to the tiniest little details. From the cut of the leather to the hand-punched welts, through to the trademark brass nails and the personalized signatures from master shoemakers, the Heinrich Dinkelacker collection consists of fascinating, one-of-a-kind pieces embodying the pinnacle of handcrafted perfection.

Heinrich Dinkelacker secured its continued success at the turn of the century through cooperation with renowned international fashion brands, earning the trust of decision-makers and industry leaders as well as the commitment of major players in the German economy. As such, it may well be one of Germany’s most unusual luxury shoe brands.


From the cut of the leather through to the finishing touches, over 300 steps of masterful craftsmanship go into the production of our shoes.


Today, as in the past, Heinrich Dinkelacker represents shoes made in the finest Budapest style. Immerse yourself in our company's history with its rich tradition.


Sophisticated materials, masterful shoemaking craftsmanship and perfect last forms are just a few of the quality features that our collection boasts.